A Knight


Korgul, short for Korukogultanak, had a very hellish start to his life. His mother was kidnapped by Orc raiders near the city of Sandsedge and dragged off with their caravan. She managed to escape with other slaves and return to the city only to find out she is pregnant. Her husband abandons her and she is left to beg on the streets until her baby arrives. Malnourished and weak, she died in child birth. A priest of bahamut takes the child and gives it to a group of traveling merchant dwarves, begging mercy as no one in the city would take a child with tainted blood. The dwarves take the child in and name him Korukogultanak, Blessed by the Bear , and they raised him as their own.

He was trained in the way of the sword, spear and iron fists. By the age of 20 he was a great warrior and traveled with dwarves on their journeys. One night, while camped in a shallow glen, they were ambushed by dark dwarves with strange markings on their skin and fire in their eyes. Korgul fought like mad but could not take them all. The dwarves were taken and he was left for dead. After coming to, he searched for weeks with no success. Years have gone by and Korgul has stopped looking but has never given up hope that his companions are still alive.

With the trail cold for years, he decided to look for a new life in Ostra…


Korgul in his armor



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